About – Website Design

Website design can appear be “Free” by some providers.

Is anything in life truly FREE ?

The answer is NO.

Many of the so called FREE websites providers actually use your website to promote themselves.


They also use the email address you provide them with a very useful marketing tool. Hence the amount of spam you start to receive.


I had this reply from one of my customers, before he saw the error of his ways:

“I am not sure whether a website is going to get me any business, so I thought I would try one of the FREE ones.

…to which I replied

“You only get one chance at a first impression!

The amount of work you will do to tell people that the “new website” exists is phenomenal. Not to mention the work done to let “Google” know about you, together with directories which you may advertise yourself with.

Now you have managed to actually get some hits and possibly some business you now think to yourself

“I think I might get my own domain name, and make my website more professional!”

What about all that hard work done to get it ranked?
So now you consider “I may as well remove the banners.”


Another scenario that you may be faced with is:

I need to add more pages to my site!

Now you have to upgrade at an extra cost.

If you host your site with us, you can have as many pages as you require!

You can buy a domain name for as little as £5.99, or we could purchase this on your behalf if you wish.


See our packages to find out how you could save money.